circle2Welcome to the Grove of the Queen Pine!  This is where you will find the nature and seasonal writings of Carolyn Lee Boyd.  This is my garden, if you will, and one of a number of related blogsites that, together, make up my “home.”  I hope you will find it to be a peaceful and refreshing sanctuary for you.

You might wish to start in my kitchen.  This is where you will find my latest blog posts, news about publications, tea recipes, and a place to chat. It’s just like when you go in the back door to someone’s kitchen and sit down for a little tea and conversation. 

If you feel “bookish,” you can go to The Muse’s Cave, or my library, where I have my writings about creativity, an “art gallery” of portraits of women you should know about, and my “self portrait” of my memoirs.

If you are interested in spirituality, come downstairs to The Sanctuary Within, where you will find writings about spirituality and information about my novel, The Temple of the Subway Goddess.

Finally, don’t forget my “attic,” which I call the “Circle of Generations” because it is all about envisioning the future while honoring the past.

In each place, you are welcome to share your own thoughts, ideas, and stories!

ladyslipper1But for now, you are in my garden, so feel free to wander and read some posts about nature and seasonal celebrations, look at some of my nature photos, and add your own stories about your encounters with nature!

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